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Which event planning tools or software do you find most useful for organizing corporate events?
Which event planning tools or software do you find most useful for organizing corporate events?
Event management software (e.g., Cvent, Eventbrite)
Communication tools (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams)
Project management tools (e.g., Asana, Trello)
CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce, HubSpot)

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The Waiting Game

As if a two-year-long global pandemic lockdown wasn’t annoying enough, travellers are enduring slug-like lines for airport security and customs.

Q&A with Suzanne Neufang, Executive Director, GBTA

Neufang comes to the position from extensive leadership roles with several high-profile travel and technology companies, including HRS Global Hotel Solutions and Sabre Travel Network.

By the Numbers

Data is power

Keeping Corporate Data Safe

Data Breach Busters

Are Your Female Business Travellers Safe on the Road?

Studies Highlight Gaps in Managed Travel Programs

Flight Turbulence

Safety questions grounded Boeing’s popular 737 Max 8 aircraft, Air Canada bid to take over Air Transat and Onex Corporation announced plans to purchase WestJet.

What’s your Data Plan?

Events can garner a near endless amount of attendee information. The trick is knowing how to use it wisely, legally and ethically.

Get it in Writing

Why every organization needs a corporate travel policy

Follow the money

How to manage your travellers’ expenses—on time and on budget

In Harm’s Way

Emergency scenarios can range from the relatively mundane—lost luggage—to major natural disasters and political uprisings where lives may be at risk.

It’s all in the timing

There are a number of ways to keep last minute travel plans costs in check.

Covering Trouble in Paradise

The Five W’s of Incentive Trip Insurance

Flight Plan

How can CTMs take the angst out of the airline RFP process?

For Safe Keeping

Disease. Disaster. Violence. Terrorism.

Smooth Moves

Expert tips on how to introduce a corporate travel management program

On the Safe Side

How to ensure the safety of female travellers

At Your Bleisure

More travellers are combining business with pleasure

Cover me!

Are you sure you’re insured for nasty travel surprises?

Uber. Airbnb. Lyft…

There’s no escaping the sharing economy.

Q&A with Anthony Pollard

Parting words from the former Hotel Association of Canada president.

Data Dilemma

How to keep travellers from falling into the traps of cyber crooks.

Getting on track

The latest on traveller-tracking duty-of-care apps

So Long, Swipecards

Your hotel room key just got smarter

Take your Best Shot

Hotel room reserved. Itinerary confirmed. Vaccinations?

Benefits of Integrating Mobile Payment Platforms

Goodbye bulging wallet—and fumbling for company credit cards, itineraries and expense receipts—and hello, digital wallet

Trend Setter, Dorothy Dowling

Senior vice-president, marketing and sales, Best Western International

Newest Cloud Technology

Look to the cloud for technology focused on improving corporate travel efficiencies

Is it Time to Dust Off your Corporate Travel Policy?

Boost compliance and savings by keeping your corporate travel policy current

The Future Travel Credit Management Solution

American Express Global Business Travel Canada’s new offering helps companies capitalize on unused airline tickets.

Planes, trains and data plans

How to manage roaming fees

When employees fall ill on the road

When an employee falls ill on the road

Burnout Busters

Keep your road warriors happy and healthy

The Rules of Compliance

10 ways to get business travellers on-board with your company’s travel policy

Communal Spaces Boost Hotels' Comfort Factor

Hoteliers are developing unique, high-style nooks, libraries and lounges for guests to find a quiet moment in, catch up on email or chat with a colleague

Making the most of travel and expense management systems

Help for companies still travelling the rocky road littered with receipt-stuffed envelopes, illegible notations and eternal waits for reimbursement.

May the Best Vendor Win

Best value procurement

Evaluating disaster recovery plans

Corporate travel and event planners are rethinking their DRPs after Calgary’s epic high water.

On the Road Again

Regular travel can stress even the most seasoned road warriors

Hotels Taking Wellness to a Whole New Level

Read the innovative ways they’re making diet, exercise and overall wellness an integral part of a hotel stay.

Corporate Travel Tracker

Implementing your duty of care program.

Controlling Corporate Travel Costs

Get smart about secondary spending.

The Anti-stress List

Unforeseen travel glitches can mean the difference between profit or loss for business travellers

The Blurred Line Between Corporate Travel Manager and Planner

A shift towards bottom-line-oriented, frills-free events, or a natural evolution of the industry?

Big Flight Discounts for Small Businesses

Are big flight discounts out of reach for small businesses?

Are Business Travellers Putting Corporate Data at Risk?

Try these preventative security measures for keeping corporate data safe.

Timesaving Mobile App for Superior Car Service

With e-receipts, a web-based dashboard and a space for notes, this timesaving mobile app offers superior car service.

Company Car or Driver-owned?

Should your travellers get the keys to a company car or be reimbursed to drive their own?

10 Healthy Travel Tips

Easing travel-related stress.

Navigating Emerging Markets

For Canadian travellers doing business in emerging markets, a typical trip may hardly be routine.

Business Travel Etiquette

Here are five gentle reminders for minding manners on the ground and in the sky.

Rogue Travellers on Spending Sprees!

How to manage traveller spend.

Business Travel and Health

What are the implications for corporate travel managers and their companies?

Social Media and Travel Programs

It's official: Travel programs that incorporate social media are better. Period.

Baggage Handler Confidential

Find out what really happens to your luggage after you've dumped it on the conveyor belt.

Travel Expense Reporting

Read about the latest desktop and mobile expense management systems offering a variety of handy expense reporting tools.

Buses Mean Business

The driving trend in business travel.

Travel Budgets Analyzed

Road warriors putting the brakes on travel, senior execs sprouting wings. In a topsy-turvy economy, everything is up for grabs when it comes to cost-cutting travel expenses.

Q+A with Ron DiLeo

Ignite goes one-on-one with ACTE's executive director.

Progressive Extended-Stay Programs

Progressive extended-stay programs recognize ROI is rooted in home-away-from-home comforts and family visits.

Dynamic Hotel Pricing

Pinning negotiations on market conditions can reap benefits or wreak havoc. What's a CTM to do?

The Perfect Travel Management Company

Finding the perfect fit with a prospective travel management company requires time, patience and practice.

The Kindest Cuts

Five ways to slash costs with your corporate travel policy!

Green Businesses

Hop on the eco-bandwagon with a green business to lessen the environmental impact of your next event.

Travel Policy Compliance

It is possible to create a travel policy that employees will love to follow!

Car Sharing: The leaner, greener choice!

As gas prices soar, "share" has become the new buzzword for company road warriors.

Expense Accountability

Read how one company considers expense habits in employee performance reviews.

Hotel Program Success

View numbers and travel patterns to enhance success.

Costly Corporate Credit Card Programs

Here's the graceful way to cancel them without hurting morale.

Travel Less, Save More?

Business Travel ROI: U.S. study sheds light on global business travel indicators.

Dynamic Pricing

Helping corporate buyers keep hotel costs in line with market conditions.

Travel Program Success

A new policy, self-booking tool and "accidental" travel manager who keeps it all in check equals success for one company. Here's how!

Meetings Abroad: Are you Prepared?

Tips from global meetings expert Carol Krugman.

Maneuvering Through the RFP Process

Here's a roundup of best practices for both sides of the request for proposal divide.

Cross-Border Air Travel

Groups fed up with expensive tickets border cross for economic airfares.

Time for a Travel Policy

Read our profile on a corporate travel policy that harnesses buying power with preferred travel suppliers.

10 Ways to Avoid Business Travel Pitfalls

Download our business travel planning tips PDF to help keep corporate travellers safe.

Bargaining Table Car Rental Tips for Corporate Planners

Five ways to up the value of your car rental program, from the negotiating table to the gas tank.

Creating Travel Policy Compliance

Travel policy experts share their secrets in creating and securing a successful policy.

Sustainable Travel Tips

Are your road warriors concerned about their impact on the environment? Promote green business travel with these helpful tips.

Crucial Travel Policy Changes to Save Time and Money

Five leading ways companies can tweak or enforce travel policy to recoup dollars or time.

Tipping Guide for Business Travellers

Use these suggestions to help establish your own corporate policy and keep your expense account tippers in check.

Corporate Travel Policy

A corporate travel planner's guide to cost-conscious business travel.

Passport Essentials and Other Requirements

Know which travel documents are required by Canadians travelling in North America and abroad.

Managing your Company's Travel Risks

Take a proactive approach to keep business travellers safe and secure.

Duty of care to travellers goes beyond borders

Make sure your far-flung travellers aren’t taking on undue risks your organization could be liable for.