At Ignite, we are committed to sustainable work practices. Every business can do their part to protect our world and lower its carbon footprint.

Here’s a glimpse of what we do at Ignite:

Our Practice

Ignite is a virtual workplace, eliminating the environmental impact of a bricks-and-mortar office, as well as reducing the carbon footprint related to travel.

Ignite maintains a predominantly virtual proofing process, significantly reducing gas usage and carbon emissions related to travel, as well as wasteful paper-based proofing practices.

Our Print Product

We partner with Lowe-Martin Group (LMG) in Ottawa, a company who has been recognized as Canada's Most Environmentally Progressive Printer on several occasions. LMG’s efforts include reduction in electricity and natural gas consumption, positive waste diversion measures and an impressive reduction in water usage at their printing plants.

Ignite is printed on paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be made with a combination of FSC virgin fibre and/or recycled materials. Learn more >

Reducing Waste

Ignite offers samples of our magazine at events, bringing an appropriate number based on the audience and how well they know us. Every single copy is distributed over the course of the year.

We work hard to keep our subscription list up to date and recommend office copy sharing. Our stats show copies of Ignite get shared with an average of 3 people within one office.

The Choice is Yours

We know many Ignite readers love the print edition and keep past issues on their office shelves. However, we always offer our subscribers choice. A subscriber can receive Ignite content 100% digitally. In fact, 5 years ago we enhanced our digital platform to include multi-media, including galleries and videos, to encourage even more subscribers to choose digital!

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